Monday, July 28, 2008

The Birds and the B's

No not THE "Birds and the Bees"......not yet, anyway.

There was a family of "birds" that had made their home in the back of our "B" home, at the end of July. They were nested in the arbor just outside our kitchen window.

There was a chair parked by the sink permanently for the all their growing days, so the kids can see their progress. When baby robins first hatch, they have some big ole eyes, and some chicken lookin skin, but they are just adorable. A face only a mother could love. Including me.

We are not certain when they hatched, but seems they grew very quickly. We used to be able to see only the mom, then just barely the beaks, & then we could see their wings and big ole mouths. The first week in August they left the nest.

Such a miracle for the kids to see how God created the birds of the air.
(Did you know that the Mom & Dad robin are both involved in feeding their young ?)

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