Monday, August 4, 2008

.....more Starlight

Yes, she is certainly the center of attention at our home.
After our experience with a rescue dog.....we got a puppy.
A few of heard how I didn't want a puppy, but I'm not sure who was more excited on Sunday afternoon....myself or the kids.

This is my first puppy too !!

Starlight (Star) is a Puggle (Pug & Beagle mix). She is supposed to be a fabulous breed of dog. Great with kids. Active & playful. Very loyal. Minus the respiratory stuff a pug has & some of the beagle/hunting instincts calm down in her.

We shall see.

She is 9 weeks old. No idea how much she weighs.
We've spent much of our time today taking her outside.
With only ONE accident in the house today.
Very good.

I'm very impressed with Ben & Chloe.
They fight over who is going to hold her.
Sharing is hard, when you love her that much !! xoxo
Starlight cries when they go outside without her. She watches them through the sliding glass door.

She slept well through the night. Up once & back to bed with minimal crying.

She's VERY black. So much that I have to add fill light to my pictures to make her cute features show up. White paws, white chest, and white chin. Floppy, soft beagle ears. Wrinkles like a pug.

There was a choice between Starlight & her brother. Her brother was much bigger & will probably over 20 lbs when full grown. She was much more petite & (with no guarantees of course) the lady thought she would be 15-17 lbs.

Yet, another "we shall see".

Chloe says "Starlight is definitely the dog for us !"

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