Friday, August 15, 2008

Stickers ? Embellishments ? Pretties ?

Whatever you want to call them....I wanted to share mine.

Uppercase Living rocks. Love them. Love to run my fingers over the shiny color choices. Love the potential. Love the catchy phrases. The funny ones. The serious in-love-forever ones. LOVE that my darling husband, Mr B. tolerates helping me hang them.
What is it with hanging things on the wall with your hubby that will challenge patience ?
This is in my kitchen near our table. 'LIFE is not measured by the number of BREATHS you take, but by the MOMENTS that take your breath away'.
I filled the frame w/ photos of our darlings that are so special to us. The first time Ben met Chloe. Sledding in Iowa. Baby smooches. Do you like butter ? Crying fits in front of the Texas State Capitol. I had such a difficult time deciding on what to put in the frame.

I found the window pane at a rummage sale over 2 years ago. (love a good rummage sale). Left it how it was stained....but I did clean off the bugs & bird doo. The lady said she found them on an century farm house estate sale, here in TN somewhere. She had best of intentions, but didn't use them all. She did make a coffee table out of one. Very cool. I have that in my head for future creativity.

First of all, I've had my own Uppercase Living open house & been to several others, and I have a FEW that need to be hung, made as gifts, etc.

Maybe that's what I'll do while the kids are in school ! ;-)

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