Monday, October 27, 2008

Been there....worn that....

.....not gonna do it again !

These were a fashion mistake the first time ! (can I get an "Amen sista"?) For you "youngsters" that read this blog, it was in the 1980's ! When I was in high school & you were starting your elementary career.

All I can say is when you go into Target this Christmas season.....just say NO to the leg warmers. That could be a fashion campaign, if you ask me.

These were originally designed to be worn by dancers, as it keeps their leg muscles warm. It crept into everyday wear & was very "fashionable"? And functional. I wasn't complaining at a high school football game, in November, in small town Iowa. That was a good thing.

The other sad part is....I've caught sight of STIRRUP PANTS !! (insert scary movie music & some shrieking). All I can say...if you're gonna wear them, you had better do it right (80's style), you must wear : 1. a very long & over sized shirt, 2. extremely (cutting-off-circulation) tight black leggings w/ the stirrup bottom, 3. VERY colorful leg warmers, 4. no socks, 5. and very high spiked-heel pumps.

Keep your eyes peeled for the off the shoulder, cut-up sweatshirt look made so very popular by Jennifer Beale in Flashdance. It's just wait and see.

"Loose, footloose
Kick off your Sunday shoes
Please, Marie
shake a shake for me
O My Lord
C'mon C'mon let's go
Lose your blues
Everybody cut footloose"

Come on you 1980's high school graduates. Don't deny it. You have those lyrics stuffed somewhere inside that adult brain of yours.....I know I do !

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