Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Run Fundraiser

We are so proud of Ben & Chloe's accomplishment for their school fund raiser. Not only did they raise a significant amount of money for their school, but they gave it their ALL!

From making a list of who they should call, the very articulate way of asking for the sponsorship, and for running/walking their hearts out that day. This is the only school fundraiser they have (other than the scholastic book fair). One hundred percent of the money goes to the school. The other great thing is that grandpas, grandmas, aunts & uncles, (and parents!), don't end up with wrapping paper or a candle that they don't need or want.

In past years, they have raised around $40,000 for the school. This year the goal is to purchase some more playground equipment. Due to the large number of students (over 850 students, K-5) there just isn't enough balls, basketball hoops, soccer nets for them all to use.

So a great big THANK YOU to all of you that donated & helped our Elementary School.

The day is a great big event. Music, tshirts, and many parents involved with the day. Their was some discussion in other schools surrounding this type of event. For various reasons, but hey I'm all for it! I'm not in favor of the continual opportunities sent home to sell this, that, or the other thing. And for such a small portion to actually stay with the school.

So Daddy, Grandma Ruth & myself were there to cheer on Ben & Chloe. Daddy videotaped much of it, so I need to figure out how to get some of that on this blog. I helped w/ marking the backs of the shirts, handing out water & tallying the classes total laps.

They turned in all their money last week on Thursday. Chloe was the top turn in & Ben was the 2nd highest donation total for the day, in all grades K - 5. They are quite proud, as their names were announced over the school speaker, and they were able to go to the office & choose a state bear w/ the state quarter attached to it's foot. They also received their prizes for the amount that they gathered individually for the school. A key chain, basketball hoop, school water bottle, & many more trinkets that only a child could love & appreciate.

Now the highlight for them is the skating party & the lock-in in the school gym. For several hours one evening, the kids will be able to have a "lock-in" party, which includes those big-ole inflatables, games, popcorn, etc. With the principal. Bless his heart. Like he doesn't get enough of them all throughout the week.

Without parents ! Did you hear that ? Without parents ! Absolutely PRICELESS ! Sounds like a date-night for Mr & Mrs B, as both of them earned the evening.

Well not exactly, without a price. So again, I thank you all for the generous donations. It could be considered an expensive night out for Mom & Dad, but we look at it, as a fabulous gift to our childrens' school. We think that it is an excellent elementary school.

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