Wednesday, October 8, 2008 go or not go, that's the question.

Since we are in our week of Fall break & it rained today, the kids are very excited to go to a movie in the theatre. I consider myself very picky when it comes to seeing movies. Esp those in the movie theatre that I cannot fast forward through. Or that I haven't had a chance to view myself, before allowing my kids to see it. Have I goofed before & not done my homework. Absolutely.....I would say "Happy Feet" was one that I should have researched. Not long into the movie, I turned it off, and told the kids I made a mistake. They were mad, but you know what, they got over it & it made an impression on them (however big or small).

It doesn't matter if it's a Disney movie or it's rated G. That is a defintely a company that can push the envelope in a G rated movie. (ok, I'm not Disney bashing, cause I do enjoy a good Disney movie, but come on).....Gradually TV, movies, magazines, & much more have made us less sensitive & even more tolerant of ideas, photos, attitudes, words, & inuendos.....that should make us cringe.

There are many websites out there that rate/evaluate movies & tell you which movie is consider family friendly, or good for young kids. My radar is a little different. I prefer a website that lays it all out & then I decide what I can tolerate & what I can't.
With that said. I always consult my favorite website.

It does not have anything to do with the MPAA ratings that movies are assigned. This is "someone" that has gone to the movie & marked down most (if not all) of the scenes that could fit in 3 categories. Warning: DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS SEE THIS SITE ! Since my kids look at this blog, I am not going to list all the categories (profanity, gore, etc) You will be surprised (if not shocked) at what is in a movie & how eye-opening it can be when it is written down.....and how less surprising it is, just in a quick flash or moment in a movie. Yet it has gone into yours & your young darlings minds & hearts.

Ben & Chloe want to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" Rated PG. This has had a red flag for me since I first saw the trailer. Several scenes of minimal clothing & undergarments - on humans, NOT dogs....(seems calm compared to the details), 23 name-calling, 9 stereotypical references to Mexicans, 4 religious exclamations....and no doubt a whole lot of attitude....which in my house, we find very difficult to describe & grasp.

It is my job as a parent to protect the hearts & minds of our young darlings. We are being attacked daily, in subtle & not-so-subtle ways. I encourage you to do your homework, BEFORE you: 1. drop $20.00 on tickets 2. $15.00 on drinks/popcorn, 3. and see a movie that takes some explaining, some eye covering (or diversion), a lesson in immorality & vocabulary.....

All of this is coming from someone who LOVES!! the movies in the theatre.....and the really expensive popcorn, (much to the dismay of Mr B). :-)

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