Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are ya watching ?

We are !

Ben is IN TO IT ! "Let it begin" he shouts around 6pm.
He is next to me on the couch w/ his book in hand.
The book talks about elections & the electoral college.
With a map of the US & it's electoral college votes in each state.
He's got it figured out which ones are most important to win the election.

He thought 270 votes seemed a long ways off, until he saw that Obama has 77.
He also is carrying his "McCain rules" poster.

He is rapid fire (in fact here he comes again while I sit at the computer) questions & comments.
Excellent questions in fact.

I don't have to be watching & I know what is going on w/ the electoral vote.
Ben is announcing the results as they come in.

Ben just stated that he "gets frantic" when there are elections.
Cracking me up !
Love his passion & enthusiasm. I hope it continues throughout his life.

Everytime Ben shouts a result, Chloe asks "has McCain has won?"
All this excitement and Mr B is not here to "enjoy" it all....
Ben calls him with an update, esp after McCain won Tennessee.

Leaving you a funny note, on such a momentus & very concerning evening.
Ben reaches over and covers my eyes saying, "Mom cover your eyes, this could get hairy !"

No truer words are spoken.

I'm off to join my enthusiastic & funny election-watching children !

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