Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey, stuffing & BOLT

Our new movie theatre just opened at the end of last week. Since Mr. B is off work for a few days around Thanksgiving, we thought we'd take in a show. I am not one for waiting in lines, if I can at all avoid it. The opening of the long awaiting 14-screen theatre draws a big crowd, no doubt.

So if you want to avoid a line at one of the season's most popular movies, go see it ON Thanksgiving Day at 12 noon. When everyone else was indulging in turkey & all the trimmings, we were eating popcorn & watching a movie. Along with 4 other families. It was like a private showing for us & 18 other smart people.

I didn't want to wait until all the games were on, everyone is stuffed, and the moms decide to take all the stir-crazy kids to the theatre.

We still enjoyed a very delicious, and peaceful meal at our home this evening. All the while, re-living some much anticipated scenes from the movie. "I eat danger for breakfast." "Are ya hungry" (little critter cracks his neck and says) "STARVING"!

I would highly recommend the movie "Bolt". No lovey-dovey Disney stuff that tends to go overboard, very minimal language, & cartoon violence (which is my guess why it got the PG rating). If you know me, I'm a stickler about seeing movies in the theatre, as it's too expensive to not know what you are getting into & have to walk out.
If you are wondering what a movie theatre looks like at 12noon on Thanksgiving Day...."FEAST" your eyes.....empty.

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