Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...burning the night oil.

I'm up late tonight. Boo.
I normally don't have trouble falling asleep, as I drop into bed...exhausted.
Like most women & mothers do.

Tonight, I laid with my Little Miss & rubbed her back to fall asleep. Normally this is her Daddy's time, as he has warm, big hands that make her snuggle right in & doze off. Such a precious time to spend with her. She reaches up to my hair and says "I wish we had more times like this, just us girls". I dozed for a few minutes with her, and I'm sure that is contributing to my severe case of insomnia.

My big boy, has been awake many times this evening. "Come lay with me, Mama."
In his drowsy voice, he claims, "It's not cause I'm scared, Mama. It's cause I love you so much".
I'm going with the second reason, for sure.

Although we are recovering from the Halloween Haunts. He has a love/hate relationship with Halloween. Loves to pick his costume. (painful decision-making in Party City, I must add). Truly likes to be outside at night with his friends. And of course, loves the loot from the night. What he hates, is to be......scared !

His mind is huge & works in a way that fascinates & frustrates me all in the same moment. But, it gets the best of him. What's under the bed, around the corner, upstairs. For 2 weeks before, and after (if not more) he won't go upstairs alone, calls for me in the middle of the night, & is very easily startled.

So, I'm off to snuggle in with my boy. All this trouble to fall asleep & hopefully I don't find myself, a few hours from now, still in a child's bed, long after my alarm is blaring down the hall.......

Good night.


Schallert Family said...

Hate that you were awake all night, but glad that it at least allowed you to blog. ;) I miss getting to see your posts--so was thrilled to see a new one today. Hope you all finally slept and that you can function today. Naps are good!

Shannon said...

Love the pumpkins! We always have to keep things a little low key for Marissa too. Imagination is powerful stuff! Hope you get some sleep!!

Janine said...

I feel your pain. It is rare I sleep through the night and often am awake for a hour or two in the early morning hours with thoughts of work running through my brain, can't seem to shut it off, regardless of what time I go to sleep. Hope you got the rest you needed.