Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a day which will live in infamy.....

This significant day in history, makes me think of my Dad, who served his country so very well, as a Sergeant in the US Army during WW II at the young age of 18.
I have such a great amount of respect for my Dad, as my children do for their Grandpa.
An admiration for all those that were a part of "The Greatest Generation". The term coined by Tom Brokaw, of the generation of people who grew up during "The Great Depression" and eventually went on to fight in World War II.

My Dad was able to return from WW II, to his family farm, meet my Mom, have a family, and live a very honorable life. Many were not so fortunate.

Although this is considered a day of infamy, referring to the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor.
A day of an extremely bad reputation.
A day of a very shameful or outrageous act.

This day brings me great joy !
Of the many, many joys that are a product of, "The Greatest Generation" and a part of my Dad's legacy.

the birth of my Little Miss, 8 years ago on December 7th.

the celebration of my son's new life in Christ 2 years ago, December 7th

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