Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"When I grow up.....

.....I've decided that I want to be a philosopher". States my oldest boy, Ben.

Just last week he wanted to be a blacksmith, but thought there wasn't much use for swords in this day. Although, as my friend, Mary Anne pointed out that if we travel some 50 miles from here, there may definitely be a need for it. Not the swords, but more farm work, and for animals. For a moment, I bet you wondered where we lived?!?

Ben has decided that he could learn to be a blacksmith, as a hobby. But what he really likes to to think about things! "The Thinker"
That's so very true. (and then he likes to talk about them).

He's very much "in-his-own-head". When I think that he is not listening, he can rattle off what I've just said to him, almost word-for-word. He is probably thinking about if he wants to follow the directions.

I've always encouraged my Ben, to stay in the moment.

He is often 3 steps ahead, or 3 days or even 3 years ahead of what we are currently doing.
Watch out, if he gets his mind set on something that he wants to do or wants to go get. He's ruthless. A negotiator. Determined. He'll attempt to wear you out or down. It's not subtle. It's full onslaught of questions, ideas, get the idea.

Mr. B's Mom says that Ben gets this from his Daddy. As that was his Daddy as a little boy. (Let the record show). hee hee

What a successful man, husband, and father, Mr. B has become! I want his boy to be just like him when he grows up.

I continue to remind myself how these are great qualities.
He will stand up for what he believes in.
He will provide for his family.
He will make a good lawyer.

As the saying goes, everyone needs to know a good lawyer, right? One that likes to think, (and talk).....
........and who can shoe a horse, and make a sword.


Sarah Callender said...

So glad you have rejoined us in cyber "the thinker"! And yes, we are in a great place for a skilled blacksmith!

Janine said...

When I grow up I want to be a host on QVC! Seriously. That is this Iowa girl's dream job. You get to sell makeup and jewelry and make people happy all day.