Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

Both will walk down the big kid hallway.

3rd grade. Sweet. Sensitive. Smart. A bit worried.
My Curly Girl.

5th grade. Silly. Smart. Advanced classes. So excited can't sleep the night before.
Independent. Strong. My BIG boy.

A surprisingly emotional morning for this Momma. Of course, I can cry at a commercial.
They are becoming so very independent. Asked Little Miss, if I could take her picture in her desk at school....."No. Just go, Mom."
My Big Boy, glanced my direction, and said "Hey". That's it. Off I go.

This Dad. Excited the kids are going back to school.
He likes a routine. He works from home. It's quiet.
But currently listening to his own "roar" of music.

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