Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boo Hoo Hoo....all the way home....

.....well almost. Yesterday was definitely an emotional day. Ben was sick w/ fever & headache, so he wasn't able to go to his classroom. He did such a fabulous job of staying out of the way of other kids & found a place to stand outside of Chloe's classroom.

She found her name on a desk & her cubby, hung up her backpack & started playing. I took a few pictures in her room. The bell rang. I asked her if it was ok that I left & she said "sure mom". I told her how proud I was of her, that she was going to do great & God has great things planned for her.
Then the mama tears start to flow. Sweet Mrs Teacher hands me a little letter, that I am certain has more tearjerking information in it. I make it to the restroom where I try to gain some composure. After drying it up some, Ben & I walk to the office to sign out. The principal has just shut the door for announcements, the pledge & moment of silence, so no in's or outs. We have to stay at school even longer.

Ben doesn't quite know what to do with me. He's hanging on me, saying I love you mom & don't you want to read this letter ? For those of you that know Ben....he's very persistent. He wants me to know the content of this letter & won't stop. Of course, he reads very well & as we get in the car & barely buckled, he announces....."well, since you're not going to read it, I'm going to read it to you". And as I suspected the teacher was going to watch after my Chloe, like she was her own. That and many other things.
With that I cry for a few more miles. Ben says, "Why are you crying ? Did you cry when I went to kindergarten ? Can you drive when you cry ? I can't see when I cry." In rapid fire sequence, so fortunately, I don't really answer him.
Tears of disbelief. Tears of sadness. Tears of pride.
Tears of thankfulness. That I have been blessed with 2 fabulous, healthy, smart children.
After those few miles, I was good! Chloe is so ready for kindergarten, so there isn't a separation issue. In fact, this morning I asked if I could walk her into classroom, and she says....."mom you already did that. I know where my room is and Ben doesn't need to show me. Daddy is going to walk me in tomorrow. I want to go through the kindergarten drop off so I know how that works."
And you know what....that was good with me. Although I did ask her (just one time) if she was sure.....and she was. My brother says, "you raised your kids to be independent." That is untimately the goal, & it does start gradually in kindergarten.
Dependent at age 5. You've got to be kidding?!?

Dependent at age 18. Priceless.

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