Monday, August 18, 2008

Chloe's first day of her school career...

Chloe's first day of kindergarten today. Cute little miss. Such a big girl. A "phase-in day." Love this whole idea. Now those families that have 2 working parents, probably think this is a pain. But I love it. Friday was all the kindergarten boys from 7:45 - 10:00. Today was all the K girls for the same time. Then Tues they all go for a shortened day & Wed off & running.

Chloe happily reported that they went on a search for the gingerbread man. First clue was at the bathroom, then the office, nurse area, gym, music, etc, etc with the whole parade ending in the lunch room guessed it, decorate your own gingerbread man & eat him !

This is what kindergarten is all about. Forget if you can identify 4 or 26 letters of the alphabet, or can read by the time the year is over, or even tie your shoes. What does that matter when you have velcro or elastic shoelaces !?

Kindergarten is all about lunch, playing outside, keeping your hands to yourself, arts & crafts, and where's the bathroom !! Some things never change. Although all the other learning stuff will probably happen next week.

Chloe has no idea what the name of her new friends were. Mrs Teacher sent me a kind little email about how great Chloe's day was. She is concerned if she has to sit by a boy....and I say "you'll find out tomorrow".

She was very particular about what she wore today. She's a very decisive girl. And today was no different. She decided she didn't like the options that I laid out for her & wanted to know what else was in the closet. Thankfully, I had a few other choices that I got from Kohl's on clearance. You know the kind that are marked down 75% & I have a 20% off coupon, so I think they are pretty much FREE !

Of course, it has a critter (dog) on the front & a skirt. She says to me as I enter the closet, NO shorts, NO blue jeans.....the list goes on. So if she can't wear her pajammas every where she goes, it has to be a skirt. With her "toeclose shoes" that look like Anna's.

Now how did I do today ? Well that's a whole nuther post, that I'll save for tomorrow. Emotions are just too raw yet (sniff sniff). :-)

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Jan said...

Well, Mom----another step in your growing up--Ha! Ha!

I really enjoyed reading this--at your expense, of course.

I love this blog thing.

thanks for setting it up--now I hope you get these brief comments.

Jan--I Love you !