Sunday, August 17, 2008

WARNING: To moms that are sending their baby to kindergarten.... NOT go in the diaper aisle at any store. This has been known to cause crying.

Yup, when you least expect it, the smell of baby powder & the sight of little diapers will make a momma cry. How do I know ? Well, it happened to me just tonight in Walgreens. Just cruising the aisles & I found myself in that very seldom shopped in aisle & tears a rolling. Not sure what kind of tears....just tears. Of joy. Of sadness. Of anticipation. Of pride.

Thankfully the few people that were in Walgreens were in the (last minute) school supply aisle & the get-healthy vitamin aisle. My tears quickly passed & I headed for the chocolate aisle ! Are ya with me ?!?

My kiddos need prayers tonight, as they have been sick over the weekend. High fever & BIG headache. I really think Chloe will be able to go. Depends on how she is in the morning. I just don't want her to miss her first day of kindergarten, even if it is only a few hours. Ben had the same symptoms. He's an elementary veteran, and his first words after I announced his temperature, "do I have to go to school ?"

Added a picture of my darling hubby, my big boy, & my baby girl (when we needed the diaper aisle) at 6 months old.

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