Tuesday, August 5, 2008

To Bcc or not to Bcc....that is the question.

Well I goofed ! I goofed while trying to save the world from evil doers (insert superhero music here.....). What I mean is when I sent out the info for the new blog, I accidentally put everyone's email address in the cc field, instead of the bcc field.

My very diligent husband, pointed out the error of my ways. Thanks honey :-)

For those of that are unaware of the Bcc (blind carbon copy) field, it is where you can list multiple email addresses & send out the email without everyone viewing the entire list of addresses. All each individual sees is the content of the email.

Many of you think, "what's the big deal ?" There are people out there that are thrilled to find multiple email addresses & will use for their "evil plans" (insert evil doers laugh). Primarily spammers. Those individuals will send many, many unwanted emails (spam) to your address.

So this is a big no-no in my book, as I'll be one of the first to say, "please delete the email addresses before forwarding". Also, I firmly believe everyone should bookmark the website, http://www.snopes.com/ . Most importantly is to refer to BEFORE forwarding those "applebees-will-send-you-money-child-abduction-from-sams-club-put-your-name-with-1000-other-people-and-send-to-build-a-dream-house-for-this-deserving-person" emails. All of these are exciting concerns to many people, but only if accurate.

My apologies for sharing your email addresses with several strangers (although I can say they are all wonderful people !).

Remember to Bcc or not to Bcc....that is the question !! :-)

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