Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beer for my horses.....

......I promise, there was no whiskey for the men (or Ben).
Do you think Toby Keith could use a new album cover, or promotional photos for his movie ? For a pretty price, of course. Could be an incredible addition to the college fund.
I'll contact my peeps here in Nashville, and see what I can get lined up.. :-)
This summer, we visited my niece on her farm in Iowa. The kids got to ride on their horse around the farm. I don't know what kind of horse, but it was 4-legged, whinnied, & wore a saddle. Brandon had discovered this horses fondness of beer. How that came about you ask.....well, he says he was enjoying a beer one day & the horse just about knocked him over to get it. I'm certain there is more to the story, but wasn't privy to it with little ears around. :-)

So, after the horse (his name slips me) does a good job on giving rides, it gets a beer as a treat. Now that's one happy horse !!

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