Monday, August 11, 2008

Ben's first day of 2nd Grade

Why are we starting school so early, you say......I don't really know, other than we have 1 week of fall break, so we need to start earlier. Those that live up north, may say....down south they learn slower, or teach slower, or plain just need more skoolin !

My big boy, Ben started his first full day of 2nd grade today. He loves his teacher, Mrs J. (her last name is long & probably hard for kids to remember), so she tells everyone to call her Mrs J. Ben was disappointed that he was in trouble for talking in the car pick-up line. Imagine that, Ben talking ?? and talking out of turn ?? after a whole summer of freedom ?

Ben said I should not take his picture in the classroom, and not in front of the school. He wanted it with Starlight in the front yard. So when we arrived at school, I asked him if he wanted his hug & kiss in the car, in the parking lot, OR should I smooch him to pieces in the classroom.....well, you can about guess his answer.

That's my big (always my baby) boy.....growing up. Interestingly, he is just about as tall as his 1st grade teacher. In fact, she said to check in at Christmas to see if he was getting close. He's very tall, and often gets that comment. There are some "vertically challenged" (thank you, Grandma Jan) teachers at his school.....

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