Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Prices

Gas prices. Just a fact of life.
Today is different.
Talking w/ my neighbor this afternoon she said there was an increase from $3.70 (dropping off her child at school) to $4.09 (picking up child from school). Seven hours shows a $.39 increase.

The talk is that the southeast will be without gas tomorrow.
Patrick went to the gas station tonight to fill up our big hog.
Kroger, Home Depot were $4.19. Kangaroo $3.85.
Kangaroo asked that you limit purchases to 10 gallons, due to shortage.

Price gouging ? or necessary increases ?


Schallert Family said...

Pam said that in Knoxville, gas went up to $4.99. YIKES

Anonymous said...

WHERE ARE YOU? I miss postings on your blog. Fill me in on your life. :)