Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Royalty, in my front yard ?

What happens when you have.....two little girls, two old sheets and two HUGE imaginations? At least, an hour full of fun.

Chloe & her best friend, Maegan wanted to have a cape. I rummaged around and found some old sheets. Tied them on their shoulders, and off they went to rule the world.

Queens, super heroes, ponies with long manes, mermaids with long blue hair, all in our front yard !
The weather is gorgeous & the evenings still long, so they should get out & be kids. This seems sort of old skool. Look what can happen with no computers, no IPODs, no passive entertainment.

A good reminder to me as well.

Speaking of reminders, here's another: "It's all fun & games til someone rides a scooter (with a long cape), gets all tangled up, falls down, & WAAAAHHHH, skinned hands & a banged up knee".


Schallert Family said...

Love the new background. HOW DID YOU DO THAT??? That is what I was trying to do (off that same website) and just couldn't get it to work. I consider myself very computer literate--but that sure stumped me! It looks cute.

MaryTN said...

Hi Dawn! I found your blog from Elizabeth Kea's... she was listed in the MOPS newsletter. I see Amy above me but her blog is private. This blogging stuff looks fun but we don't have much excitement going on at our house.