Saturday, September 20, 2008

And Ben scores.....the crowd goes wild !

Well ok, his mama goes wild......and the other parents cheered too. But of course, I was the loudest. It's my "mama-given" right, you know :-)

Mr B (aka soccer videographer) was not at today's game. He's in Iowa for the wedding of a good friend. I chose not to bring the videocamera. My technology of choice is the digital camera. The camera is also in Iowa. Mr B charged the videocamera before he left and said it was ready to go if I needed it.

I asked Ben if it was ok that I didn't take the videocamera today, and he said fine. It's nice to just sit & watch (and cheer), not having to view all of your children's events through a lens. Do I have anyone who agrees ?

I hope to capture and keep the memory of his slow rolling goal kick.... that broke the tie....and their team won the game (oh, that's right we don't keep score ;-) Even the coach keeps score. Hard not to. Well at least for some. When I was playing sports I relied on the score board to keep score for me. So needless to say, I lost track & I asked the coach's wife who won.

To remember the look on his red, sweaty face of pride & accomplishment (and maybe a bit of disbelief), as he scored his first goal of the season and of his soccer career.

Boo Yah, Ben !!

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Patrick said...

Way to BOOOOOOOTTTTT it Ben!!! I'm sooo proud of you buddy!!! See you soon, I love you, Daddy.