Monday, September 22, 2008

hop, hop, hop til you drop

That was me doing hopscotch yesterday afternoon. The kids & I had a great time designing our hopscotch. We had 60 squares ! No wonder I was out of breath after the 3rd time through.

They don't like to use the rock, as it's just too long to throw the rock. It goes down the length of the driveway & back up. When I was little, we loved to make hopscotch in our neighborhood. I was telling the kids that we didn't have "sidewalk chalk", but instead we had to find a rock that would make a good white mark. Sounds something like the story that "old people" tell of walking uphill both ways to school in the snow ! :-)

We always drew obstacles as a kid, so if the rock landed on it, we would lose our turn. Or if you stepped on it, you had to start over. Those obstacles, were a snake pit, or a fire. Yesterday, my eight-year-old boy was in charge of adding the obstacles. He had jelly-fish, barracuda, poison vats, puddle of pee (not real pee, just chalk-drawn pee), & the square of "ultimate destruction".
I guess I never did hopscotch with boys when I was little, but this is definitely some boy thinking.

The "ultimate destruction" square was clever. Since they are all doing the hopscotch at the same time, when someone lands on the destruction square, whoever was on square 30....well, you guessed it, they were "destroyed". (Insert a young boy voice trying to sound like a mad scientist.)

Chloe was in charge of the fancy squares. The "spin-arounds", the "leap-frog", and the "backwards hop". As you can plainly see, this is not your ordinary hopscotch. At one time we had six "hoppers". And they all yelled "ultimate destruction". Even the girls.

I encourage you to design your own hopscotch in your driveway. Expect the ordinary to become extraordinary, especially with eight & five-year-old designers.

(I hope to get a photo of the majestic hopscotch & hoppers this afternoon. As I blog, my camera is in route, with Mr B, from Iowa.)

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