Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chloe flips for gymnastics

OK, so I'm a little tardy on this post (bad mama). Chloe started gymnastics 3 weeks ago. She loves it ! There is a young boy from another kindergarten class, at her school, that comes to her gymnastics class.

Chloe says, "I chased that boy on the playground today".
Mama says, "Why did you chase that boy ?"
Chloe says, "Cause he's the only one who wanted to be chased."

Sounds reasonable enough.
Miss Chloe has got a lot of legs, but seems to keep them all going in the same direction. She loves jumping, and doing the washing machine, on the very long trampoline. This is the monster of all trampolines, as it spans almost the width of the warehouse where the classes are held. Her other favorite time is the warm-up with her silly coach. Coach Aaron. Tabletops, butterfly with a monster chasing her (takes a lot of explanation), bridge (which is where you lay your back & lift your tummy to the ceiling & pulling your head off the floor, ending up with just your feet & hands on the floor). She's also working on cartwheels & walking on the balance beam (kid sized).
Chloe works hard on her "present". Not like the gift. Like you present the medal to the winner. Gymnastic hands, stiff in the air. Arched back. You know like you all saw on the olympics. After those young ladies (kids) flew, flipped & twirled in the air, and landed on their feet (not their head). Then comes the "present". They are finished & then they do their gymnastics "bow".
Blast from the past: I told Chloe the story of how a long-legged Jodi, on MY 3rd grade field trip, (in 19something), could put her leg around her neck. Not only just one leg at a time, but on this particular occasion she attempted to BOTH her legs around her neck. She came very close, only to slide off the seat onto the floor & get stuck between her seat & the back of the seat in front of her. I told Chloe, I recommend that she not try this on the bus, cause we had a really tough time getting Jodi unstuck & unwrapped.


catz said...

Hello Dawn,
I love reading your blogs. You write them so creatively. We are also busy. Brian had his 1st RRHS swim meet and they won.
Colin is playing flag football and Aaron is playing soccer. We bought a new Jeep
a Rubicon 4x4 dark green. All 3 boys take piano lessons. This is Aaron's 1st year .. he likes it alot. I am getting out biking more .. like to do at least 3-5
miles each day! I read your blog about
sending off your baby to kindergarten and how you were very sad. Its true I felt "empty nest" for a long time when
Aaron went off to the big "K". Now I love my time when the kids are off to school. Keep blogging.
Love Carla
BTW: Miss ya alot.

Mary Anne said...

Hey, I recognize that leotard. Keep up the writing, maybe I'll be brave enough to start a blog soon.