Monday, September 29, 2008

B's only beach

We went out on the lake on Sunday afternoon. Maybe one of the last trips to intertube & go swimming at the beach. It was 84 degrees, with the water in the 70's. The kids are never cold. I thought the water was ok, after my legs went numb. You could see the colors starting to change in the treeline.
We had a picnic on the boat, played in the sand, & the kids went intertubing on the way back to the marina. At one point, Chloe looks around at the beach & says "we are the only ones here, mama". We claimed the beach as our own private one. The "B Beach". The "Beach of B's". "B's only".

Of course, the beach trip is not complete without the conversation of "could we REALLY dig a hole to China, mama ? Did you dig a hole to China when you were little ?"

Give my two kiddos a bucket & shovel on a beach & I won't see them for hours (of course, I watch them). They will get along, work together, laugh & have so much fun. I think we need to move to the beach, as it's good for morale. But then maybe it would lose it's magic.....hhhhmmmm, let's give it a try !!

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