Monday, September 29, 2008

hey captain.....where's Tennille ?

Yes, we had a famous person sighting while at the beach. I'm convinced we saw, Captain of the famous 70's duo, "Captain & Tennille". Don't you think so ? He was even trying to be somewhat aloof & not looking at the camera, even when I yelled "hey Captain, where's Tennille?"

Then I realized it was Mr B sporting his captain's hat. The hat is given to him by Jere, his neighbor, after they survived a huge storm on the lake one Saturday afternoon. Minimal bailing and a great story ! For another post.

In true mama fashion, I had to sing my not-so-good rendition of a not-so-good "Muskrat Love" song. The three people in the hole to China, agreed that I was a little weird, but also decided that's what makes mama so FUN !

Of course, the kids don't get it, as they've never even heard the song. Well let me tell you, when I used to go to my brother, Brian's house when I was 7 or 8 years old, I'd listen to Carmen's (SIL) record over & over again. You heard right, a record, an LP (long play record album made from vinyl, 10 or 12 inches in diameter). "Put the needle on the record".

In my search of C & T's picture, I also found their website Tennille even has a blog. So if you're needing here some "Muskrat Love" or "Love will keep us together", go check them out.

By the way, Captain's name is really Daryl Dragon. Learn something new everyday.

Oh, my sides hurt from laughing. Hope Mr B thinks it's just as funny ?!?

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Sarah Callender said...

Girl - am I dumb or what? I do not know who you are talking about but your husband does look just like that captain! I love the beach pictures - where are you all? I also love your new blog's look!!!!