Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't ya love a good deal !?!

This past week I stopped by the local Goodwill & onto a consignment clothing store in search of Ben's "Indiana Jones" costume. I was near a Big Lots, so I thought I'd stop & get some very inexpensive bread. It used to be a $1 per loaf, now it's $1.20. But still much better than the $2-3 at the grocery store, for the same kind.

There was a LARGE section that said 50% off. Drug store buy-out. I spent a little time digging through the shelves of orange lipstick, Preparation H, & Pepto-Bismol. Just as I was about to give up, I glanced at the bottom shelf as I was walking away and BINGO !


Sitting at my computer armoire I think, "Hi my name is the B keeper & I am very dependent on Zyrtec........hi B Keeper" Esp during this gorgeous fall (RAGWEED) season. And to be honest, most every other season as well. This helps control my crazy allergies & in turn my ruthless allergy-induced asthma.

Let me just tell you what a great deal this was. This is the 30 ct, 10mg plain Zrytec that can retail at Walgreens for $29.99 per bottle. You can usually sometimes find it for $22.99. Walgreens had it on sale this week for $18.99. Plus there is a $4.00 coupon in the Sunday paper. You know I casually look at ads, & clip coupons for big items, but I'm not super diligent. But this is big dollar in my book & necessary. It's not like I can opt out when I reach my last pill. (I know, I'm hooked). Paying $29.99 strongly disagrees with me. (Although that's $1 per certain times of the year, I would pay $100 per pill not to have asthma issues).

Oh yes, the great deal. With the Walgreens sale & the coupon you could purchase this for $14.99. At Big Lots, it was marked to $22.99 and 50% off that price......That's $11.50 per bottle !
(can I get a woo-hoo?) And the best thing is, it doesn't outdate next month. These are good for another year. I bought as many as I could justify !

So there you know my little secret about my BIG stash (and not to mention a great deal) !

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