Monday, October 13, 2008

Fly Me to the Moon

For Grandma's birthday, we took her to the movie "Fly Me to the Moon" in 3D. It was very cute and the kids loved it. We got to wear "real" glasses. Not just the paper kind, but Elvis Costello looking glasses. Every time the little bugs would fly by, Chloe would reach to try & grab them !
Also I particularly paid attention to the "offenses" in this movie to see how they matched up with the website review. They were very, very close. Now this was an easy movie to do this with. Those that are rated PG-13 & R, would be more difficult. The only thing I noticed that they didn't mention is an old grandpa saying "let's get some honeys.....".

I had someone ask me if the website reviewed kids movies only....and the answer is no. They review a bunch of movies. All ratings, G, PG, PG13, R. They do not review or recommend or scold or judge the movie. It's just stated (very specifically) what is done, said, etc. The reason for having the website is to determine if you should let your kids, or yourself, see a particular movie.

This particular movie must be going out of the theatres. When I had originally cut out the newspaper listing, it was in 5 local theatres. This past week it was only in one. But we had a beautiful scenic 40 min drive. We even drove past Brooks (or is it Dunn's) house on Chickering. Not to mention several more gorgeous estates, that equaled or outdid the singer's home. Love to think about the possibility of having that much space to call your own.

And we indulged in movie theatre popcorn. (Mr B wasn't along). Plus it was Grandma's birthday....we had to go all out !

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