Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Someday her prince will come

Chloe was invited to her BFF's 5th birthday party 2 weekends ago. Maegan has wanted a Cinderella birthday party for months. Her mom said she decided after Cinderella came to her preschool for another birthday.

Chloe could hardly wait. Needless to say the princess was the hit of the party. She was sweet. She drove a blue "rental" car, as she wasn't allowed to bring out the horses & carriage. Not a dry eye in the kitchen, when at the end of her visit she sang, (with the voice of an angel), to the birthday girl & all those in attendance.
This is probably the sweetest picture from the weekend. Of my mom hemming Chloe's princess dress. How I remember standing in front of the mirror in the hall at my home growing up. My Mom made many of my dresses & costumes. I remember her kneeling before me, like she is with Chloe, still with pins in her mouth, saying "turn, turn". The trick was getting the outfit off without getting stuck. Thanks, Grandma ! For the special memory for me & for hemming the dress (sewing is not my favorite thing to do).

Pretty Princess and the Fairy "Grand" mother. Cinderella painting Chloe's nails. Chloe & birthday girl, Maegan, hugging Cinderella before she leaves for the airport, to return to DisneyWorld.

Cinderella painted nails, put on make up & face painted each girl. She also posed for a picture with each one, which was put in a princess frame that was decorated by each girl. Very cute gift. Maegan's mom had them printed right there at the party & each girl took home a framed pic of her & Cinderelly.

Funny, not a single mention of Prince Charming from any one of those 10 girls. Guess it was a "girlz only" party. Maybe he was home at the castle.....kicked back......watching the game.....


Sarah Callender said...

Oh my goodness...I love the pictures - Chloe is such a beautiful princess! What a blessing and special memory of your mother!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it sure was beautiful to see Chloe and Grandma getting ready for the party, sure made Daddy's heart melt.

And, I can confirm, MaMa
a doesn't like to sew, heck I'd forgotten we even had a sewing machine until Grandma pulled it out, dusted it off and fired it up hahahaha!
Mr. B.