Monday, November 10, 2008


Ben, Chloe & Daddy trick or treated on Halloween night. The kids were dressed long before it was dark. They roamed around the neighborhood with some other friends & filled their bags.

I stayed home and handed out candy. There were a few older kids that came with pillowcases. Mr B says that's what he did as a kid.

We went to the neighbor's house for chili, which we have done for the past 3 years. Diane is such a generous host to us. Ben was Indiana Jones with the hat, bag & whip. A few weeks earlier, Ben had also worn that costume to school for character day & then on to the airport to pick up my mom. That seemed very unusual, but exciting for Ben. He looked so very handsome. Grandma thought that a very special welcome.
Little Miss Chloe was Cinderella. She just wasn't feeling well that evening. In fact, I had been at school to help with the fall party & brought her home a little early because she had become so pale throughout the afternoon & had a headache. She ended up with a big ole cold & cough the next week, but she hung in there with the kids.

Here are the "girlz in hood". Bryttany, Mari, Lauren & Chloe. All shiny, sparkly, and girly.

Also pictured is Ben, Chloe & their friend, Andrew from across the street. He was a "scary-biker-skeleton" guy. He had a different name for himself, but I can't remember. Ben was a little concerned about his friend when he first saw him. I think it shows in his smile in this picture. That is not a mask that he is wearing....his Dad painted it on. Quite impressive. Especially since it required an 8-year-old to sit still for almost an hour....Impressive !!

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