Thursday, November 13, 2008

how old are you ?

As Chloe approaches her 6th birthday, she is very interested in how old everyone else is. She reports that at gymnastics tonight,
she met "a girl that is six and a CURDLE ! "

Mama says, "how old ?"

Chloe says even louder than before, "SIX AND A CURDLE ?"

At this point, I'm laughing, so Mr B says, you mean "six and a quarter?"

Chloe looks satisfied, and says "Yes, SIX and (you guessed it)......a CURDLE"!


Schallert Family said...

I LOVE it! Did the accent throw her off--or is she just developing one of her own?! So cute.

Schallert Family said...

Like the music! Scared me actually, when it came on--I wasn't expecting it! Great songs! We are so high tech these days aren't we?! :)