Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jumpin good time

Chloe had a gymnastics party for her 6th birthday. Now don't go checking your calendars, as her birthday isn't until next month. Mr. B came up with the idea of celebrating early, as past celebrations got lost in all the Christmas festivites. We had talked about having the party in January, but how hard would that be to wait. Much easier to have it early (thanks Mr. B for the idea).

Seven girls (and a couple of moms) were there. We took 4 in our car. So glad that Chloe had her preschool friends, neighborhood friends, & kindergarten friends with her that day.

It was rainy & cold....a perfect day for a gymnastics party.
They did several things on the floor. Cartwheels, games, relay races, bridges. Then they went to the trampolines. This is where the girls just lit up. After one time down the incredibly long trampoline they were in rare form. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out very good of that, as it's too big of an area & my flash, well, it's not enough. Some of the little girls could do toe touches, & the bounce on your hiney, knees & then up again.

When they rotated through the large trampolines, Chloe got a special treat, as the birthday girl. Her Coach for her weekly classes, also was in charge of the birthday party. Coach's husband was there that day as well. Chloe laid flat & stiff on the large trampoline. Coach's husband jumped on the trampoline, Chloe flew in the air like a toothpick (POP), clear up above his head & she landed straight & stiff in his arms. She looked so goofy after this. Chloe thought it was cool, but was a bit embarassed.

Swinging on a rope like the monkeys they were & dropping into a large pit of foam blocks was something they could do all day. Dropping from the high bar into the pit became the next challenge to overcome.

The highlights of the party were the bubble gum party favors, blue frosting smeared on their lips & in their teeth, and the ENORMOUS bucket of powdered chalk. Up to their armpits. Chloe was blessed with many animal gifts. Horses & puppies. Just right for our animal lover. They all sang happy birthday and then the best part, you are wondering......we all left & someone else cleaned up. Yahoo ! Sign me up again.

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