Sunday, November 30, 2008

Texas connection.

They could only stay a short while, but we are SO glad they came. Damon, MaryAnne, Audra, Austin, & Andrew flew into Nashville from Austin,TX....late,late on Sunday night. They went on to family in TN & KY on Tues morning. I let the kids play "hooky" from school on Monday, so we could spend time with our friends (although Chloe says they aren't are friends....they are our cousins!).

MaryAnne & I pick up like we are never apart. She used to be a blocks away, but now she is hundreds of miles. We work well getting our kids ready, dressed, fed, cleaned up, etc. Like we used to when they were smaller & there was less of them :-) We could stay up for hours talking & laughing, and crying, and laughing.....and lots more talking. We kept it to a low roar this visit, so she wasn't so exhausted for their travels. The fact that they didn't get much sleep before 3 am on Sunday night/ Monday morning, when Austin finally passed out, didn't help them feel rested.

Oh, not only do we have phones (cell phones & land lines), email, snail mail, blogs...but now there is FACEBOOK ! As if we weren't already really connected, considering the distance...we are REALLY connected, even when we should be doing something else :-)

Unlimited long-distance, the Internet, and an oh-so-far-away-friend......PRICELESS !

Until our next adventure, dear friend....

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Mary Anne said...

I love you. I love your kids. I love your blog. I can't believe how grown up Ben seems all of a sudden (to me anyway). I love our friendship. You have to show me how to do the music. I can't wait to see you either, but I know I will talk to you before that.