Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am so proud of my boy....

.....that my heart could burst.

This is just one of the many reasons that I am so proud of my best boy, lately.

After picking him up at school today. He announces that his 2nd grade class is taking a vote. (I thought what could they vote on now, the election is over). He continued to tell me that his teacher gave them a chance to vote on what they wanted to do for their 2 hour day before Christmas break.

Choices were: to have a book exchange or to use that money to buy nets for kids in another country that get bit by bugs while they sleep.

Now for those of you that know my Ben....he's got a mind like a "steel trap". Doesn't forget details. (except maybe where his shoes are, or why he went in the bathroom). But the things that are big, and carry much meaning, are in that great big mind of his.....forever, it seems.

He proceeds to tell me all about malaria, and mosquitos, and lack of medical care, and good doctors, and that these kids could die, mama.....they could die.

(I'm getting all teary-eyed while I type).

I asked him what he voted for.....Ben said, "the nets of course".

(I'm going to let his 2nd grade teacher know, how much I appreciate her idea to help the kids know that the world is bigger than them....no matter the outcome of the vote.)
I love him & I am very proud of Ben. He's got a generous spirit & a very big heart. Much like his Daddy....
Merry Christmas.....

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