Monday, December 29, 2008

ages 6 and up... what the board game says on the outside of the box.

Well on a sleep-deprived Christmas morning, I attempted to read the directions & interpret "how to the win the game" on Chloe's "Littlest Pet Shop" board game.

Not unlike you all reading this, you too had a slow move to consciousness early on Christmas morn. I was this way for several reasons: 1). I don't know to go to bed early, even when I can AND 2). my darling son was awake at 3, 3:30, 4:15, 4:45, and finally at 5:30AM, I let him wake Chloe & we went to see all the loot that Santa left.

After Chloe had completed all the tasks of the game up until the final moves, I attempted to comprehend the remaining 2 sentences of the directions. After reading them several times, I finally looked at Chloe and said "I don't know how you win the game, I just can't figure it out".

Chloe looks at the outside of the box and then looks at me very seriously and says, "Mom this game is for SIX and UP"!

From that, I gathered a bunch of laughs, a firm understanding that my daughter thought I was more than "qualified" to figure out the directions. I read them yet again, with all the effort I could muster....and made up an ending that made sense to me.


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