Sunday, January 18, 2009

Special ones....

Great Grandma Irene with Maddie, Chloe, Maren & Benjamin. She always makes sure that she sees us when we are in town and would gladly drive herself where ever she needs to go. In the winter time, Grandpa Lloyd won't allow it. Grandma Irene is such a positive & joyful woman, who has a heart for God & her family.

Ben & Chloe with Great Aunt Toni. She is 93 years old and still lives on her own. Aunt Toni says her body is failing her, but her mind is good.

She loves visiting with the kids. Ben & Chloe are so patient & attentive when we visit her. They give hugs freely, scoop her sidewalk, and repeat themselves loudly & clearly when necessary. Such a special part of Mr B's family. A sister of Grandma Jan's mom. She can speak of her mother working in a factory & speaking only Russian when she was a little girl. As well as rap with Mr B about the recent Presidential election & what she heard on talk radio that day.

What a great Christmas gift to spend time with these special members of our family.

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