Wednesday, January 7, 2009

writings from an 8-year-old boy....

Ben has really enjoyed being able to write stories & to be part of the writing club two times per week at school. He recently brought home a story dated 12-8-08. Attached to this story is Rudolph. Your child probably brought home the same one, with Ben's foot as the face & his hands as the antlers.

This is written in true Ben fashion. Including some potty talk & destruction. True to form for Ben, who carries the ALL BOY title very well. Well for those of you that don't have an 8-year-old boy, or can't remember what they were like when they were this age......well, this is the way they are !

I'm writing it just about the way Ben did with spelling and punctuation (or lack there of :-)

If I had a reindeer I wolud name it MIKE
I got it at the shoe store and he could do a backflip
front flip
he eats people
he reads COMICS
he has a pet mouse named chees
he went P in Mike's mouth
then Mike ate him
and he has a brother names Ike
they have a band called the MIKE and IKE
they are a rock band
The End


Anonymous said...

Ben you are quite a story writer. Hope to see more of your writing soon.

Shannon said...

HA! I love hearing good "all boy" stories. We are estrogen overloeded in our household, but growing up with two brothers and no sisters - some 8 year old testosterone can be quite refreshing. A little "potty mouth", a little violence and some good old rock and roll - great job Ben!