Sunday, January 18, 2009

you get what you get......

....and don't throw a fit.

This past Friday the kids didn't have school because it was too cold. According to Tennessee standards, anyway. So it was chore day around the house.

I asked Chloe to go upstairs and get me some toilet paper for the downstairs bathroom. Well, I frequently use the words, "few, some, & a couple of" to explain to the kids how many of something. Usually they ask me what that means. This time Chloe didn't. So she proceeded to throw down "some" toilet paper.

Well, I'm happy to report that, I didn't throw a fit. As I realized that I wasn't specific enough in my request. I graciously took pictures & ask them to take THREE to the downstairs bath & the rest to go back upstairs.


Shannon said...

Ahh, been there done that, more so with my hubby than with the kids, and I usually pay for my ambiguity later. Cute pic though!

Liz said...

It reminds me of a time I asked Adrienne to get a piece of tp for Eli so he could blow his nose. She came all the way down the hall with a piece that remained attached to the roll way back in the bathroom. It was too cute but we had a seriously lumpy roll of tp for a while after I finally got it all wound back up. :)