Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Brain Ben....

Ben is a VERY deep thinker. So much in the way that it is somewhat concerning. Not sure that concerning is the right word, but more like "why in the world are you even thinking about such things"? This is what makes Ben who he is & what we love about him.

Ben's very big & busy brain, leads him to talking almost constantly, at times. His talking is like the overflow drain to his brain. Like in the bathtub. When it gets too much water, the overflow drain prevents it from leaking on the floor.

The bigger concern is that MY brain may EXPLODE and my patience becomes taxed, as Ben thinks aloud. I have gotten better at working my way through Ben's customary banter. My brain has those key words that help me tune in a little closer at certain times, than at others. I'm very careful to NOT say that I am "tuning him out". Let's just say I filter the content.

Chloe does not filter, she resorts to her MP3 player & ear buds.

Yesterday, Ben asked Mr B..... "can I live with you forever Daddy, as I have some big decisions to make as I get older. I'm gonna need your help. How do I buy a house ? What kind of car should I get ? How do I know who I should marry ? What kind of insurance should I get ? Daddy do you have Progressive or the Geiko Gecko kind ? "

About 2 days earlier, on the way to school, Ben says to me, "Mom, what kind of car should I get ?" Of course, in true Ben fashion, not waiting for the response, he jumps into his decision making. About 8, 10, 0r 12 years too soon. "I really like a slug bug but how much back seat room do they have where will Chloe sit then there's the Mustang Mom you really like Mustangs should I get a Mustang I think I'll get a Mustang a red one or green one since that's your favorite color Mom do they have green ones you'll be the first one that gets a ride oh but I'll have a wife then so she should get to ride first then I'll let you ride next it's ok if you ride after my wife does?"

I say, "OK". As I stifle my laughter. As he is really serious. I bet you thought that my punctuation on my keyboard no longer worked, or that I'm too lazy to use punctuation. Truly, I'm trying to give you the feel of the rapid-fire sequence of Ben's question and answer time.

I need to go rest my brain to keep up with my 8 year old's brain. Even blogging about all this, has used up my last bit of energy for the day. Tomorrow morning, at 6:30am that boy is ready & I mean ready for the day. All systems go.

I love you, Big Brain Ben !


Schallert Family said...

This just cracked me up! He really is a VERY DEEP thinker! You are a good mommy and so patient!

Shannon said...

So cute. Love the very contemplative picture as well. Love how you describe his talking being the overflow drain. LOL! Marissa gets into this mode every now and then. Filtering is a good word for that type of mothering. BTW, I passed on a Mom of the Year Blog Award, and this shows you deserve it!