Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where or where.... God. We have started doing our nightly reading in the Bible. OK, I admit, this is the FIRST night we are doing a nightly devotional. Completely by Ben's urging.

Ben had a clever idea that he would read the passage in his Bible that correlated to the date. Not a daily devotional Bible, mind you, but the true Old & New Testament. He read from Genesis 1:31. "God saw all that He made and it was good. This was on the 6th day." Or something to that liking.

Next was Chloe's turn to choose what she wanted to read. She has a book that is "My Good Night Prayers". Her reading skill & confidence has sky rocketed. She read almost the entire prayer time paragraph. She was so thrilled.

The book asked us to share about a time that God was with them. Here are their responses.
Ben: "when I am going up the hill to the table top on my dirt bike. He helps me to be brave".
Chloe: "when I was away from Starlight". During Christmas vacation to Iowa. Ben says, in response to Chloe. "I can see why that would be hard & you would need God".

WOW. They know His presence is with them. Amen.

The answer to Where or Where is God? He is "Here and Near".
God said, "I am with you". Jeremiah 30:11

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Shannon said...

I can think of so many times when we have tried to teach our kids some "biblical truths' and they end up teaching me so much more. Sweet response from Ben. They do get it.