Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100 Days

This is Ben's second day home from school because he is sick. I'm not sure that I should count today, as there was a "snow" day. In Tennessee, that means the threat of snow. We did enjoy sleeping in, as both kids coughed a lot last night. Chloe rebounded well, and is fine today. Ben has been horizontal on the couch for most of the day, minus the hour or two on an Ibuprofen high. His 101.5 fever at noon today, gets him another day home from school tomorrow.

Yesterday was his 2nd grade class celebration of the 100 day of school. No one is quite certain if that day was last Friday, this Monday, or yesterday. Hope someone has the abacus out
, as there must be someone who knows if they've gone enough or not enough at the end of May. Guess that's truly not my concern, at this point.

Chloe was entrusted to bring home his homework. Although she claimed that she was embarassed when Ben's teacher came to her classroom door and said "Chloe. Can I see you". And again in the pick-up line to give her Ben's progress report. I could sense of bit of pride in presenting Ben with the enormous reading book, his spelling book, many paper, and a tiny, tiny folded up piece of paper that was his progress report.
As soon as we got home Ben tackled all his homework. As I was looking through the pile of papers, I ran across this fill in the blank that they must have done during the 100 day projects.

100 times

My mom tells me 100 times to......wash my hands

My dad tells me 100 times to.....go to bed on time

My teacher tells me 100 times quiet
My friends tell 100 times....that I'm not funny.

I sister.....100 times to ......stop barking like a dog.

He is spot on with these. I don't think he must have even flinched while completing this. When he knows he knows. After 100 times.....he should know !

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Shannon said...

Does Chloe bark too? That is Maren's big thing. Ah, the 100 day event. Last year we cut out 100 paper snowflakes and strung them on to a poster board that Marissa could hold over her head to look like it was snowing. Never again. Hope Ben is feeling better