Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chloe went to her friend's 7th birthday party at the rollerskating rink. The kids have a definite interest in skating and becoming good at it like Daddy. Not like Mama, as she "has no balance". Just ask the kids (it's true). Considering I spent quite a bit of time at the roller rink when I was young, and finding out that I no longer skate well, is a little rough on my ego. It truly is a post all in it's own.

We've been several times, but this is the first time Chloe has really skated by herself.
She doesn't like to fall down (who does?) and really works hard and not falling. Unlike the birthday girl, she was continually on her way to falling down, even when it looked like she was standing up. At one point, she said her backside was hot. Could it be that she fell on it one too many times?

Chloe is the one in the bright blue skating away from the camera.

Yet another video, as mama just can't take one....

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Shannon said...

Looks way fun! Brings back good memories... looks like Chloe's a natural. Kids can catch on to that stuff so easy. FUN!