Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chloe girl


1. has taken a interest in photography. She can fill up a memory card in a heartbeat. Her perspective & angles are very curious. This is a self portrait. She requested that I put my hand in front of her face. Clever huh ?

2. has been wiggling her front lower tooth for a good week now. She has her tooth fairy pillow propped up by her bed, so she can tuck the tooth in right away.

3. has excelled in reading. Not only having learned over 100 sight words, but many others. She reads smoothly & with good comprehension. She is so proud (me too).

4. has decided that she wants to stop doing gymnastics & give soccer a try this spring.

5. is a little mother. She's been taking care of our family & where our things are for years. When she was just walking, somewhere between 1 and 2 years old she was taking care of us then. She would shut all the doors & cabinets. She would also go into the bathroom after Ben was in there & flush the toilet for him.

6. still has a HUGE heart for animals. I wonder how many she will try to save in the years to come. Don't anyone tell her about the shelter. Her heart couldn't take it. Neither could our home.

7. is growing her bangs long. None of her friends have any & she doesn't want them either. The girl has a ton of hair. Beautiful chestnut colored hair. She can officially wear a pony tail in the back of her head that, "swings when she walks". Something she's been wanting for a long time. Not me. As you can see, she had some gorgeous curls when her hair was shorter.
This is her 2nd birthday.
Chloe. Curly Girl. Turn and twirl. Chloe girl. Twist and swirl. Curly Girl. My Chloe girl.

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Shannon said...

SHE is a cutie! Isn't it fun to see thier little personalities come out? It just makes you wonder what the future will bring. Looks like she has gorgeous hair like her mama. I used to flush the toilet for my older brother too. My mom still reminds me of that. We would love to meet her sometime!