Friday, February 20, 2009

A new spring look & feel

I just love the look of a new season. Especially the freshness of spring. Of the desire to throw open the windows & breathe in the crisp, clean air. Out with the old, stale, germ-filled air that has been circulating throughout the winter. My college roommate & I have recently come back into each other's lives (what a joy). We talked of the anticipation that comes with the change of seasons in college, especially Spring. How it was a "stirring of the soul", that left us sleepless in our beds late at night. We would lay there, with the windows open, & talk of things to come in the future, of our dreams, and our summer plans.

Among many other descriptions, I'd consider myself a visual & spatial person. I enjoy photographs. What the photos capture & the story they can relate. I can usually tell if something is going to fit in a spot even before I or anyone else attempts to put it there. I can rearrange a space in my head even before beginning the process. I enjoy watching the body language of people to see what they are saying....without saying a word. Of course, there is my personal space. If you are stranger, give me my space. If your family or friends. The closer the better. Come on in my little bubble. In my head, everything has a space.

I'm also VERY smell oriented. I can tell if someone has smoked in a car or hotel room, almost before I enter. Today I am sick & without my sense of smell. It's like cutting the whiskers off of a cat. Well maybe I don't get stuck in small spaces or seem to lose my balance, but a part of me that I rely on & enjoy is missing. I can't smell the rose in the bowl on the table, or the fresh air outside, or if the puppy peed somewhere yet undetected by stocking feet.

So I embrace a new look for my blog. How fitting to find bees, since I am the "B Keeper". But until my sense of smell returns, I must rely on the look & feel of everything around me. Kids......beware of stale milk and puddles of dog pee!


Schallert Family said...

Love the new look! Sorry you aren't feeling great. Look forward to chatting soon.

Shannon said...

LOVE IT! Love the little bees- they look so happy - makes me feel happy!

I had to do a blog redo also. Just had to be done. Hope you get your whiskers back soon!

BTW, you mentioned somewhere you were wanting to get a new camera. Did you get one or what are you thinking of? We are long overdue also, but not sure what to get.

Love being in touch with you!!