Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lightsabers & girlfriends.....

While sitting at the table yesterday, Ben proudly announces he has a girlfriend. (that word makes me cringe, but of course, I have to play along).

Asking him, like I don't already know who it is, I say "Who's your girlfriend, Ben?"

Ben says, "R...... (protecting her precious identity). When she was over to play yesterday, she said, 'I really want a boyfriend', so I said, 'I'll be your boyfriend', she says, 'OK, now I have two', and I know what your going to say mom......'who is the other one'? She won't tell me. I don't think there is another". (confident, isn't he ?)

I say, "What does it mean to have a girlfriend in 2nd grade".

Ben says, "It means, I really like her. I've even told her she was beautiful once. And she's pretty on the inside. She loves Jesus. She likes to ride bikes. She likes to play Star Wars & lightsabers".

Enuf said.....what's not to love !?!

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Shannon said...

Cute, cute, cute! Atleast Ben is keeping his standards high. Have to know where the lovely cross-stitch picture came from.