Friday, February 13, 2009

In a blink of an eye.....

Sucker......check & check

The kids were sitting on the back patio step to take a Valentines picture for Grandma. Star was a handful this afternoon. Not wanting to pose with the kids, no matter what treat was involved. Although she really wanted Chloe's sucker from her Valentines party at school.

For those with queasy stomach, or previous encounters with dogs.....I probably should have put a disclaimer on this post. My camera caught what seems to be a horrendous dog bite in the act, but that wasn't what it was at all. Chloe says she didn't even come close. In fact, I hadn't even realized that it happened until we were putting the pictures on the computer.

Praise God that I can post this picture in a funny way. Dogs are animals, and although ours likes to nip, she's not been malicious to anyone. But we all know......

.....what can happen in a blink of eye.

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