Monday, February 9, 2009

S'more Spring weather please....

70 gorgeous degrees today. Chloe returned to school today after almost 10 days home with pneumonia. Ben had just returned on Friday (he had pneumonia, too). So we've been outside over the weekend & this afternoon.

Now, on a more positive note. After school, we took a walk to the park with not only my 2 kiddos, but 2 more, plus the dog. Of course, I bring up the "tail", as the kids are on bikes. They were excellent listeners. So I don't mind taking that many to the park. Saw many classmates & friends, threw rocks in the water & came back home. Success! Homework was completed more quickly than ever before, prior to going.

Mr B's plans had changed so he was with us for dinner tonight. Which is good, cause I really don't like to grill hamburgers. Or grill anything for that matter. Not to be confused with, my inability to grill, mind you. Cause I SO can cook on the grill. Just don't like to. I'd rather do all the other fixin's & get everything else ready.

In honor of 3 days of some gorgeous spring weather, we celebrated with S'mores. (Thanks to Chloe's pe
rsistence & frequent reminders to go to the store for the necessary items).

Here's a
look at our little (premature) "S'more Spring please" celebration !

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Shannon said...

AHH 70. The perfect temp. We were in the fifties here today. Happy with that for Feb. Glad to hear the kiddos are better. Like Patrick's glasses too. What a dude!