Tuesday, March 17, 2009

did you catch a Leprechaun ?

We didn't either. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I presented the idea to the kids after school yesterday of making a Leprechaun trap. What is that you say ? Well I thought the same thing. I'd heard other moms talking about it on FaceBook & other places, that their children were making these traps for school & at home.

I do believe this idea comes from one of my favorite magazines that I subscribe to. To see how to make your trap for next year, check this out.... Family Fun Magazine. We do not normally "celebrate" St Patrick's Day, but my curiosity got the best of me. I also thought that imagination, magic & mayhem with young children is coming quickly to a end.

So off we start on making our traps. I had printed out some info from the internet. Which of course, clever Ben questions if I "googled" for it & if it was accurate. I assured him that I checked "my sources" and to the best of my knowledge it was all accurate. He thought maybe we should call these "moms that I knew" who were also doing this project. I assured him again that we would be ok. An 8-year-old stuck in a battle of his young heart & his logical mind.

They used the lid & the bottom of the box that holds your checking account checks. Leprechauns are very clever, but they are drawn to shiny things, so the box was wrapped in tin foil. Plastic coins were added to fool him into thinking it was real gold. Lucky charms (yes, they're magically delicious) were added for food. Chloe even included the fella shown here as a "friend" for the little green fella. Last, but not least, was a large bundle of clover collected from our backyard. The boxes were strategically placed in front of an open window in the living room. Covered with a napkin, in the hopes that he would get tangled up & remain there in the morning hours. Just waiting for us to let him go, but not after releasing the location of his pot-o-gold.

Whew.....have I tired you out yet ? Well, there are definite reasons to be a bit exhausted on this St Patrick's Day. I'd post it all tonight, except that I was the privy to the early morning search & I am a bit tuckered out at this point.

Tune into tomorrow to learn about how EARLY Chloe woke up to see if there was indeed a small green fella sleeping in our living room. There may also be some "Leprechaun hunting" footage available as well. Don't miss it !

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Shannon said...

Craig drank a green beer or two for St. Pat's Day - but the leprechaun thing sounds way more fun! Maren had one show up at her preschool last year - teacher left the window open, hung things upside down and left little green footprints on the tables. Maren remembers still. Love Ben's comments and Chloe's enthusiasm.