Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing !

Chloe lost her first tooth today !
She showed me how wiggly it was & how she heard a "crack".
She returned to the living room, with such determination.
Moments later, she came back to the kitchen with a bloody smile & tooth in hand.

Such a big girl moment.

Way to go, Missy Messy Moon Pie !

(attention Tooth had better be on your game tonight....there's a little girl with her tooth all tucked in the tooth fairy pillow just waiting for you to come.....don't forget ! )


Shannon said...

Well, did the tooth fairy pay up?! Tell Chloe congrats and we think she is very brave to pull out her own tooth. We have way too much tooth drama in this household. (she looks so cute!)

Anonymous said...

Chloe you are such a big girl to pull your own tooth. Hope the tooth fairy found it.
Love you
G'ma Ruth

Schallert Family said...

Where are you? I miss getting to read your blog. Hope to see you back blogging soon.