Friday, June 26, 2009

New Do

Ben is wanting to experiment with his hair. Which is very unusual for Ben, as I've been trying to get him to do a little Dennis the Menace & just spike up a few of his front hairs. He hasn't wanted to do it. So I always take him to the same stylist. She can cut his bangs, so they don't look like a bowl was used on them, when he mats them down to his forehead.

Well, at the beginning of June, he announced he was getting a Mohawk. Considering how long his hair was, he would have a humdinger. He told his Dad, that's what he wanted, and Mr B promptly said, "NO. It's our responsibility to make sure you don't have goofy looking hair".

I seriously had trouble not laughing out loud. But I contained myself.

Next I suggested a "fohawk". Ben thought that sounded fabulous & would be a good compromise (yes, he said compromise). Mr B still frowned & didn't think it was a good idea. What was wrong with a nice short cut & spike it like his?

(sshhh, don't tell Mr B, but if you ask the stylist what type of haircut he has....she'd call it a FOHAWK. He styles his somewhere between Dennis & and a mohawk, down the center).

The stylist thought all this banter was pretty funny & she told Ben she would give Mr B a mohawk when he came in next time. Of course, Ben was all giggles after that.

#3 on the side & a very short scissor cut on top. In fact the sides of Ben's hair are longer than Mr B's. We took pictures on the phone & sent them to Mr B & made a huge deal of his new fohawk.

Mr B's reply ? "That had better be gel".

So both my boys sport a "FOHAWK". One wears it proudly, every once in awhile. And the other....
....well, Mr B is in "Fohawk denial" ! They are both incredibly handsome boys, don't ya think?

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Shannon said...

Got some hunky dudes there, B Keeper! I seem to remember Patrick sporting a nice mullet back in the day - but then again - didn't we all. Cute post!