Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Couponing Craze

I've made many attempts in the past several months, to be an even better steward of the money that God has blessed us with. Since I'm an at-home Mom and the children have returned to school, I'm attempting to hone my skills.

I've been following a blog and subscribe to her emails. This has gotten me started. As I've watched the "coupon craze" spread among friends & shared on Facebook, I've encountered a woman in my church that offers couponing classes. So I signed up. I've seen posts on Facebook, where she has saved 70-80% on her grocery bill. Is her grocery list like mine, or mine like hers....maybe be not. But I'm thrify, I'm frugal, I love a good rummage sale.

Have I always watched our finances this closely ? No. Have we been blessed with provisions and good jobs (even when we didn't have jobs)? Absolutely. Has my frugality kept us out of debt & us living on one income for 9 years ? effort. Do I want to honor my God & my husband, but not taking his hard-earned income for granted ? Yes.

Having said all that, I am beefing up my saving strategy and taking a couponing class. I think my competitive nature will help me strive in this area. How fun is it to save MORE than you spend at the store. Really fun !

Here are my biggest saves so far. The question many ask is "do they actually need what they buy so cheaply". Well, in my case. Yes. Can't speak for everyone that is on a spending reduction plan.

Spent $95.17. Saved $71.14. Doesn't look like much ? Notice the prescription Advair? $50 copay.

I seem to like Walgreens and have figured them out a little more. Plus our pharmacy is there, so it makes it that much easier. Now they have changed to Register Rewards, instead of mail in rebates, so it's much more user friendly.

I can't find the photo of this last purchase & savings, but I'll post the numbers. (still a huge learning curve on my new Mac, esp when it comes to the iphoto. I know I'll like it, but it just takes time to get it all together).

Spent $37.16......Saved.....(drum roll, please)......$63.99. That rocks.

Just remember: Coupons are Cool!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Dawn. Always knew you were frugal. Didn't know about couponing classes......

Shannon said...

Maybe I will find some inspiration for coupons from you, the awe-inspiring Queen B. I have tried coupons - usually they lay in a neat little pile on the kitchen counter, forgotten and forlorn saving me absolutely no money whatsoever. WAH! I'm impressed though by your savings!!

Sarah Callender said...

Wow...really you saved that much? I'm in awe as well! I have never mastered that couponing skill but thought it looked neat!